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What is the

Cargill Curling Training Centre?

The Cargill Curling Training Centre (CCTC) is a complete training centre, open year-round, offering resources in fitness, physio, mental, nutrition, technical and tactical training for the beginner to the elite athlete.





How Can The

Cargill Curling Training Centre 

Help Me?

The Cargill Curling Training Centre (CCTC) is a state of the art curling centre with equipment to train all aspects of your game. At the centre of the tools is a 55” TV and computer located adjacent to the ice. It is equipped with video capture software for quick capture and review of delivery or sweeping. The CCTC uses lasers, speed traps, and training gates to assist curlers and coaches to understand the player’s delivery and the impacts on the thrown stone. There are also several iPads to assist in video analysis.

Training for 


Rock Hawk speed traps are used for many different aspects of the delivery and the game.


They help players learn various thrown weights and also are used to train consistency in the kick out of the hack for both draws and hits at various speeds.

About the Rock Thrower

The Rock Thrower is the first ACCURATE rock thrower in the world. The world has been trying to build one for years and the Cargill Curling Training Centre has done it. 

It is able to throw the rock consistently with the same selected line, weight and rotation. This provides a wonderful tool for understanding ice conditions and how it changes with the number of thrown rocks, sweeping and other ice conditions. It helps athletes learn and understand how their sweeping impacts a thrown rock. 

The Rock Thrower is great for testing different styles of sweeping as well as general proficiency in sweeping. The rock thrower is "quantifying the science of sweeping".

The Worlds First and Only

ACCURATE Rock Thrower

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380 Stampede Grounds

Morris, MB, Canada



The Morris Multiplex has a wonderful fitness centre on site and access to trainers should this be desired. Likewise there is a physio office on the facilities should these bookings be needed.  

Lorne Hamblin

Level 4 NCCP Coach

Chris Hamblin

Level 4 NCCP Coach

The CCTC is being managed and operated by Lorne & Chris Hamblin, level 4 NCCP coaches. They bring many years of coaching experience at all levels.

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